The Sybir Memorial Museum


In the Sybir Memorial Museum in Białystok, we delivered, installed and wired a system including 3 REF smoke extraction fans with non-return smoke dampers and a ZUP power supply unit.

Additionally, we performed a CFD simulation coupled with smoke tests to confirm the design principles. The installed fire ventilation system shall provide sufficient smoke extraction capacity to ensure proper conditions for safe evacuation. Our smoke tests confirmed that the system effectively limits the spread of smoke across the entire fire zone area, which enables the operators to evacuate people outside the fire zone, ensuring, in turn, the required level of fire safety for the occupants of the tested section of the building.

The delivered smoke ventilation system shall enable safe access for rescue teams. There are no places in the fire zone that pose access difficulties for firemen.

Thanks to using a sufficiently large smoke reservoir in the central section of the fire zone, the smoke presence is always restricted to the ceiling area only.

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